Letter from The President

Grow your moral force

I worked as a tv reporter, documentary maker, journalist, travel writer and foreign correspondent in Europe , the Middle East and Asia. Naturally, meeting a lot of different people from different cultures is a part of that job. What I have noticed on this wonderful journey is a specific universal similarity between cultures. Whenever I encountered people who are vulnerable and/or mistreated (by individuals, organisations or governments), they knew very clearly that they were treated unfairly. All humans understand wrong-doing intuitively. To me, that was a source of hope in the most desperate situations. Even when I talked with a mother mourning her murdered son or when I witnessed a nature reserve and a way of life being destroyed by a mega construction project that nobody needs. This intuitive sense of recognizing evil gives a potential moral force to even the most fragile people. It is this moral force that DIMUN wants to celebrate and cultivate. This is the force that you can tap into and do great things. And we need it urgently. Because we are the biggest threat to ourselves. We are destroying the planet, stealing from the ones in need and organizing a future that will be even worse. We need new ideas to tackle these problems. And my opinion is that young people are the only ones who can conceive useful ideas and concepts. We have to stop trying to fix old problems with old tricks. They have never worked and will never work. We need young people to re-calibrate our values. You should convince the world that excessive consumption does not make us happier. Instead, equality and solidarity should be at the core of our values.

DIMUN can be the start to find and formulate big, long-term and well-thought-out solutions. We have to start today, together, with our moral force, courage and vision. Sounds naive? No, I will tell you what’s naive. Thinking we’re going to be okay if we keep ignoring the big challenges, with the result that no solutions will be found. Though some goods things have happened in the past decades, they have a dark side too. In the last 25 years, globalisation has lifted more than a billion people out of extreme poverty, but it has also widened the gap between the poorest and the richest. Exciting technologies are developed to tackle climate change, but the most advanced countries are also the biggest polluters and have leaders that seem not to care. For instance, why do most governments still rely on huge infrastructure projects for energy? (Spoiler: not because they care about clean energy.) Maybe we should conceive ideas that stimulate millions of small scale solutions. Think about it.

We count on your art to discuss difficult issues, to make agreements, to build bridges and to make progress. Your are the ambassadors and influencers for a better world. You have to look for truth and foster trust, with respect, compassion and love for all. If you can do that well, the whole world will be listening to you. I’m looking forward to meet you at DIMUN and to celebrate your moral force.

Pascal Laureyn,

Secretary General of DIMUN 2019