President - Parth Gaikwad

Parth Gaikwad is currently working with The Dais as the Director - Media and Outreach. He is pursuing masters from Harvard School of Business and completed Bachelors' in Technology from SRM University and is an alumnus of PIS.Mumbai. Parth is the founder of one of Asia's biggest MUN conferences - Delhi International Model United Nations.
He is a professional graphics and web designer and has been working in the field for 8 years to develop technology based Solutions. Being an executive technical head of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) his name has been mentioned several times in Limca Book of world Records, RHR London and India book of Records. He has worked in South East, Europe and Afghanistan. He has been chairing prestigious MUN conferences overseas in more than 17 countries in Europe and Asia. Parth has been working closely with various UN & Government bodies, NGO's, Institutions and Youths for implementation of Sustainable Development Goals and capacity building. He has not only Trained and advised UN Volunteers but also to many conferences in India,Pakistan and Bangladesh. He has also given a youth led TED talk and has played an important role in the Teach For India’s projects for teaching underprivileged students from government schools in India. He has also served as a correspondent to the Indian Prime Minister's Office (PMO) through the Dais Foundation and has been working with various Ministry in the Government of India. He has not only garnered national popularity but has also acquired international reputation while working as the Secretary at International Centre for Sustainable Development for implementing Sustainable Development Goals.

Advisor - Devesh Gupta

Working as the Vice President at International Centre for Sustainable Development, India and The Head of Research at the Dais Foundation, Devesh holds a graduate degree in Law from University School of Law and Legal Studies, GGSIPU Delhi while having finished his schooling from Modern School Barakhamba Road, New Delhi. Devesh has been involved in promoting Peace Education, and has reached out to more than 10000 students by direct classroom interventions through conducting workshops on social themes at different schools and colleges across India, Afghanistan. At Teach For India, with the Dais Foundation, Devesh has worked with more than 1000 underprivileged children and has conducted skill-building workshops on the themes of Disarmament,Climate Change, and Gender Inequality. Devesh has also worked as an Executive Board Member at the Global Sustainability Summit 2017, New Delhi . He represented the The Dais Foundation at International Civil Society’s Week 2017, and the World Assembly 2017 organised by CIVICUS and PIANGO at Fiji. He has been involved in Debating, Model UN for over 6 years while having also volunteered for Ekta Parishad and other such organizations like the Programme on Women’s Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

Katarina Vucinic from Montenegro is a young biomedical engineer. MUNs are her passion since high school, and she has been to over 30 MUN conferences. For her it is a pure pleasure to be a part of society that is made of young people who want to make the world a better place to live in. MUN conferences are such a pure blessing! As said it will be an honor for her to meet all of you in New Delhi at NDMUN. As Malala the youngest Noble laureate said:“One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world” and she does truly believe that we all together and as individuals can conquer the world and help in achieving SDG agenda 2030. If you haven’t registered yet go ahead, and we promise that you will have the best MUN experience.

Zatsepa Elizaveta from Russia is a first year student of masters degree, faculty of international relations. She completed her bachelor's degree last year from Russian academy of national economy and public administration. Elizaveta Zatsepa has worked with various prestigious Russian MUN’s as a coordinator of foreign delegations. She also advised Russian delegation for participating in New York Model UN conferences this year. Elizaveta Zatsepa works at the Institute of Strategic Programs as a coordinator of international programs for students. She’s also the head of social project “Open360:education”. Every day she publishes overviews of educational events for students and active young people who are ready to demonstrate their intelligence and leadership. Her interest is keenly aligned to public diplomacy and social entrepreneurship and she likes to work with youth organizations around the world.

“Know more about our director Delegate Affairs for DIMUN 2019. Sadhika khanna is an English Hons and is currently pursuing her post graduation in the field of Journalism and Mass Communication. She was the Co-Founding president of the debating society during her graduation years and academically she has presented multiple research papers that she has written, at different colleges. Sadhika has participated in various Model United Nations conferences and has made a mark in that circuit by moderating certain conferences and different Youth Parliaments which helped her sharpen her oratory skills and providing her a pedestal to discuss, debate and Discern over substantial political issues. As a conscious citizen, Sadhika has garnered an ability to analyze and express her views in a crystal clear and a decisive fashion. She has also been a part of Teach for India volunteers and has worked as a teacher in various schools for a while now. She has also been into inspired take up public speaking as her profession and has the zeal to hone her skills in that area, which motivated her to give various public speaking sessions at colleges like Law faculty and Khalsa college, Delhi University and Ideal Institute of management, IP university, and various schools like Mata Gujri etc. With a judicious mixture of practical and theoretical knowledge, she has hosted the first ever para Olympics at the University of Delhi. Having a clear sense of purpose in life she is strengthened by the hardships that come her way.

Kartik is an 18 year old based in New Delhi, from Delhi Public School, R. K. Puram where he engaged with multiple clubs to deliver stimulating school events. With The Dais, he advocated for youth empowerment and helped facilitate civil societies to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals. He credits The Dais for whatever limited knowledge and work skills he possess today. Due to a keen interest in politics, economics and cultures; he also works with Young India Foundation, which is committed to empower young candidates from Panchayats to the Parliament. While being engaged in that, he is also associated with other initiatives started by school students. To name a few - The Youth’s Lens, Reuse Orbis, and Sustainable Bharat. With his deep belief in liberal thought, his ambition remains to direct his voice and build a platform for the Arts to strengthen communities, overcome prejudicial biases and introduce a change for the collective betterment of the society. He dreams to complete the Seven Summits, travel the world, experience different lives and live in absolute tranquillity, while being able to look through life with a wider perspective.

Areej Kameh is a 26 year old Lebanese citizen. She graduated as a Radio/TV graduate, and now she is working as a fashion consultant, aside from all of this, she is an amateur writer. Writing will always be her ultimate favorite hobby. It takes her to a different world, and let her be lost in the magic of the letters. She didn't go for political sciences or international affairs, she studied something totally different, but MUN was always on her mind. Why MUN? Well, MUN has been always a passion, a dream, and a path. It leads people to places bigger than their vision, and opens doors wider than their imagination. After she did three international MUN's, areej came to a realization that it's not about the award, it's about the life time experience, and the people you meet that will turn into family. It's about the self confidence you gain, and the determination you build. It's not about right or wrong, it's about you making your voice go louder and reach bigger number of people. Yes, MUN is worth it, and Yes, it will make you a global citizen, and Yes, you will rise higher. Here she is today, serving as the USG for Delegates Affair in our upcoming DIMUN, that will be taking place in India from the 23rd of August till the 25th, 2019. Oh and let us tell you a secret, areej stans feminism, but in the right way, and one day she will be there, a leader in UN women, who said so? Well, she did. Because if your dreams are not big enough, well they ain't worth it. Join this journy with us, and let us be the future leaders of today, tomorrow, and every day.

Hannah Wallis is currently a Business Management undergraduate, at the University of Portsmouth, south of England. She has been engaged with humanitarian relief and international development projects for the past four years, with a determination to promote an autonomous approach to achieving the UN sustainable development goals. In 2019 she has been selected as the UK Ambassador for the Word Youth Summit for Peace and has been nominated to join the Nobel Peace Summit in Mexico for a young hero’s award. She has served as a campaign manager, aid coordinator and as a Joint CEO for small development charities in the UK whilst gaining insight into the role of local NGOs and Rotary International clubs in capacity building projects around Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Women’s Empowerment and aid relief for IDP and refugee communities. Her studies in business help to reinforce international relations with potential charity partners, where establishing close proximity aid supply chains with first responders can aid in promoting localization. Involvement with MUN conferences will be an opportunity to discuss cross cutting issues around climate, displacement and gender equality amongst others. Hannah believes that youth representation is vital in understanding the socio economic and political challenges of the countries participating in Delhi International Model United Nations in 2019.

Pursuing class 11th from Delhi Public School Ghaziabad Vasundhara, Ankur has majorly contributed in organizing, debate and related competitions and never misses an opportunity to do so. He has also served as the literary captain of his school. He’s very passionate and sincere towards his work and believes in perfection. He constantly put efforts in Deeping his knowledge, sharpening his skills and increasing his resourcefulness and is convinced by the belief that hard work and determination are the only keys to self empowerment. He attended his first MUN Conference back in 2017 and is working enthusiastically ever since and has made a major progress. He’s very exited and want to extend his warm welcome to people from all around the globe to participate in Delhi International Model United Nations 2019. He says “MUN are the key reasons to what I am today”.

Harsh vaibhav,22, currently working for developing SDG programme in India, has done his B.TECH from SRM University, an engineer who has worked with Ultratech and Delhi Metro as a Design consultant, has a passion towards journalism and politics and had been the part of various prestigious MUN conferences. he is also proficient in management skills and holds an offer from various prestigious universities for International Business Management such as Oxford, England, EMLyon, France and UCD, Ireland. He has also completed a course on digital marketing and French Literature. The National level debator is also a member of ICI and ASCE, and has also been working on launching his own online media platform. Along with being an India book record holder, he has also carried out a detailed report on Environment Management at Hill stations. In his work profile, he has been a part of Event Management team of Uttrakhand Sustainable Development festival held in Champawat, Uttrakhand, India, where his R&D helped in revival and commercialization of the local red rice. He is also a Governor Award winner and is Chief of Strategy and Management in International SDG Programme. He is also leading the Operations and supply chain team at the biannual Indo-Afghan Summit. He is a man with a strong intellect and calm mind and is known for exploring a different path. He is an advocate of gender equality and women rights and believes that "Just one human is enough to change the world and there's no greater joy than to fight for it".

We are happy to have Nassim Taouzinet as Chief of Staff For Delhi International Model United Nations Conference 2019. Nassim Taouzinet was born and raised in Paris in France. He is currently working with French and German clients as a Client Management Associate for the world leader trading company in London. Holding an undergraduate degree in Economy, Law, and Management from the Université of Rouen in France, and presently a student in MBA Business Development, Nassim had the opportunity to work in various fields and countries at the age of 24 years old. He has always been a curious and open-minded personality. Interested in understanding the economic and political system and order, his professional experiences started early by studying Management, Marketing, and Economics in High School, from which his career followed in the commercial field. Aware that the world can not only be summed up by one place, he started traveling and working in Germany, Taiwan, and Belgium. The desire to discover other environment brought him to Brazzaville in Republic of Congo, where Nassim was Director Logistic of one of the biggest music festival in Africa, the MIDEM, organized by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The contact with people was the aim of his career that leads him to use his commercial skills as a Fundraiser for the NGO Médecins Sans Frontières. His motto is : « to understand something deeply, you need to learn and experience by being part of it ».

We are happy to have Yasmine Hana as the Director General For Delhi International Model United Nations Conference 2019. Yasmine Janah is currently a postgraduate student at Sussex University in England, studying a Master Degree in Gender, Violence, and Conflict. Yasmine graduated from La Sorbonne University in Paris in France in a Bachelor Degree in German-French Studies majoring in International Studies, before obtaining her first MA subsequently in International Relations and International Public Law from the Technische Universität Dresden in Germany. Yasmine has participated in multiple Model United Nations conferences, such as in France, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Taiwan, in order to share intense negotiation and collaborative debating with people from all over the world on various political issues. Aside from Model United Nations, Yasmine has served as a TedxTalks speaker at the National Tsing Hua University in Hsinchu in Taiwan to raise awareness on the topic of Feminism, and Gender within the university, and had the purpose to open spaces for horizontal and participatory debates. Furthermore, she had the opportunity to work as an intern for the Ministry of the Promotion of Women in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo. One of the main position attended was as a Consultant, in which Yasmine worked with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the United Nations Regional Office for Central Africa (UNOCA) for the implementation of the National Action Plan and Central African Regional Action Plan of the Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace, and Security. Her research and topic interests are focused on Gender, International Relations, Sub-Saharan Africa, Post-Conflict Reconstruction, and Women’s Political Participation.

We are extremely happy to introduce you to Siddhant Tiwari who is serving as Director Design for DIMUN 2019. Siddhant is currently pursuing Bachelor's in Graphic Design and is an intensely focused and enthusiastic individual. He has designed for multiple events/organizations such as Uttarakhand Sustainable Development festival, Young Uttarakhand, The DAIS besides working on various international projects. He is a National level art competition winner with a creative itch since his childhood. While pursuing his bachelor's degree, Siddhant also Co-founded Tuktuk India Design Studio, which is an alliance of designers and developers that aims to focus on UI and UX design and development for international brands. He is an Optimistic human being who is always in the pursuit to improve performance and spur change in society.

“If you really want something you don’t stop for anyone or anything until you get it. “ Ishita Bhatnagar is currently studying Law from Amity Law School, Noida. She has participated in several Model United Nations Conferences in India. A smiling face with quick wit has been participating in MUNs from past 3years & has the experience for serving in every capacity possible. She has served as Executive Board Member & Secretariat for several conferences pan India. She believes that MUN conferences are important as they provide a platform for everyone to share their opinions and discuss. She aspires to motivate young minds to participate in matters of global critical importance. She believes that MUNs not only teach us to debate and negotiate, but they also teach us to be diplomatic and be a humble person. Apart from MUNs, she has been active in working for NGOs like Organ For Life Foundation, dedicated to raising awareness about organ donation, 2-time winner of “ Quiz-India “. She has been active in playing sports and film making. She participated in organizing a presentation competition at UNIC, India and volunteered as a mentor under TeachForIndia while teaching students from class 8th to 10th about topics like Climate Change, gender equality & UNSDGs. Ishita served in secretariat of Delhi International Model United Nations 2018 and is overwhelmed to be a part of it again. She is glad to invite everyone and participate in Delhi International Model United Nations 2019.

Dhruv Malik,17, recently completed his schooling from Vivekanand School is a highly creative and multi-talented Graphic Designer with extensive experience in multimedia, marketing and print design, dynamic team player with well developed written and verbal communications. He has been a part of various conferences and working on Global SDG programme.

Hikmat Ahmadi is currently pursuing Bachelors in Computer Applications from Andhra University ,Vizag. A graduate from Afghan-Turk High School in Kandahar, Afghanistan, had been part of several Model United Nations Conferences in Afghanistan. Besides having keen interest in Technology, he is a born organiser and had organized more than 20 debate competitions during his time in school and college. He has worked as an intern for the Deputy Chief of Staff (DEPCS) and Administrative Office of the president (AOP) in Kabul, Focussing mainly on learning project management, and special programs like Task Management System. In 2018 he received a scholarship from the government of India to pursue his undergraduate studies in University of Andhra.

"The details are not the details, they make up the Design." Ankita Goswami who is currently pursuing a Bachelor's in Graphic Design is an Individual with a vivid imagination and a strong sense of compassion. Being detailed-oriented she always tries to execute ideas as close to perfect as possible. She has designed alongside Siddhant Tiwari for multiple clients and is currently designing as part of the team of Tuktuk India Design Studio. She is an altruistic person wanting to make the world a better place.

Ataullah Tahiri studied Diploma in kardan Universty Afghanistan. He have been engaged in Model united Nations since his intermediate level and took part in various events internationally and Nationally. Ataullah have won different awards such as Best diplomat, Best delegate and honorable Mentions in different events. The best thing about him is that he picks things very quickly. Model United Nations have played a greater role in his personality turning him to a convincing person and that's what he want others to achieve, he have worked and took part in many other youth empowerment programs as well as children development programs. Ataullah believe that MUNs makes a bigger impact on ones knowledge and it helps in connecting with different people around the world.

Vansh is a young enthusiast and has been a part of numerous simulations. With his captivating ideas, he tries to do sometimes new and innovative every time. He believes in quality work. His interest is keenly aligned to photography and has worked with UNITED NATIONS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM, INDIA.

"Hiten is an avid MUNer and has attended over 30 MUNs in all capacities across the subcontinent. He has founded and heads the largest MUN in Central India i.e. CENMUN. He has special interest in debates, diplomacy and international affairs. He wants to give back what he got from MUNs to delegates attending conferences of which he's a part of. He's currently pursuing his 11th Grade in Humanities from Centre Point School, Nagpur. Aside from MUNs, he has won the Lawyer of the Year 2016 and is the current runner up of the Times of India Youth Parliament. He along with his team had also projected a campaign under the "Swachh Bharat Abhiyan" and has been awarded by the Design For Change organisation for pursuing big names in the society to fund the same. He's also played roll-ball and skated at the national level and also a state level participant of the CBSE Heritage Quiz. The former Times of India student editor is also a Classmate Spell bee semi-finalist. When not rehearsing imaginary speeches or relishing food, he likes to skate, play cricket or football among other things. He wishes everyone out there a very best for DIMUN '19 and looks forward for the success of the conference. Carpe diem "