Letter form the President

Dear delegates and advisors,
MUN'ing has often been described by its evangelists as a platform for young people to express their views, engage in the formidable art of diplomacy, deliberate the myriad aspects of internationally perplexing quagmires & work towards the furthering of democracy & world peace.

The cynics scoff & claim (while participating) that MUN'ing is nothing more than an extension of our ego & an attempt at expanding social opportunity to satisfy a pretence in grandiosity, engage in obfuscation & intellectual posturing designed to intimidate & befuddle dissenting opinions much like the above evangelical sentence.

Both sides however, will continue to engage in their respective versions of the Model UN concept thereby reaffirming its core ethos, of congregating all points of view without prejudice. And this very aspect, represents all that is good with MUN'ing. Where delegates attempt to promote the opinions of the nations they are assigned to represent without necessarily concurring with that opinion themselves.

It's not great diplomacy or decisive debate but great empathy & respect for all opposing opinions which eulogizes the true spirit of MUN'ing.

At Delhi International Model United Nations we seek to embrace this concept & encourage opinion-building through empathy & consensus above all. While attempting to mock or model the UN, MUN'ing actually magnifies it by embracing all points of view in uniformity. In a world with escalating levels of polarization & suppression of dissent, this is our manner of breaking away from the norm. I would urge all delegates to engage in 3-days of relentless opinion- building without compromising on their core humanitarian values. To quote John Oliver, "If you don't stick to your values when they're being tested, they're not values-they're hobbies." We promise to facilitate this in the best way possible as a Secretariat prioritizing your rendezvous with Delhi International Model United Nations 2019, this August. We hope you have three terrific days of learning and networking through our version of a Model UN Conference, the Delhi International Model United Nations 2019.

I also welcome any ideas, questions, or comments you may wish to share with me.
Feel free to reach out to me.
Warm regards,

Parth Gaikwad
Delhi International Model United Nations Association