Who can be an Ambassador?

    Have a burning desire to make change in the life of college/school student.
    Who are interested to lead interested students as volunteer in their college/school.
    Have taken initiatives/ held leadership positions in college/school
    Love meeting new people and guiding them about opportunities at DIMUN.
    Great attitude to learn & an interest to guide students.
    Great communication skills


The main functions of the Ambassadors team (DIMUN Outreach) is to promote the conference through engagement with the institution and other forums.
Ambassadors will be tasked with
• Online promotion of our events on various social media platforms by sharing our posts in their school/ college groups and MUN groups;
• Offline promotion of the event through posters and other materials in their respective institution within 4 days of receiving them;
• Coordinating with the team and assisting with organising of auxiliary events in multiple cities;
• Converting a minimum number of registrations for the DIMUN Training and DIMUN Conference;
• Reporting their outreach activities and writing occasional content for creating the impact in the community relating to current affairs and/or in support of SDGs through social media channels.


● The largest international conference of India
● Not only do you get an opportunity to contact with people from all across our nation but people from other countries too
● The campus ambassador programme has been running for two editions and students from 400+ institutes have served as the ambassador across INDIA and our campus ambassador programme has not had ambassadors from INDIA but also 54 other countries.
● You will obtain hands on Skills - You will learn skills like leadership, marketing, convincing, communication, social media marketing and the most important of all, team work!
● Get Mentored on various areas of organising MUN’s by the team of DIMUN which has a combined experience of 600+ MUNS.
● Conference happening in collaboration with UN Bodies & governmental and international agencies since it’s first edition

Incentives of CAP

● Certificate of Appreciation to every Campus Ambassador (CA) upon successful completion of tenure of the program.
● Enticing vouchers/coupons to each performing Campus Ambassador (CA).
● Free participation to major workshops/seminars/events organised under the banner of Delhi International Model United Nations
● Letter of Recommendation(L.O.R) from our partner bodies like Teach for India, International centre of sustainability,etc.
● Graded and categorized incentives to exceptional performers.
● Selected ambassadors will be made part of the secretariat of DIMUN 4
● Selected Ambassadors to be made part of secretariat/EB of our collaborating MUNs

The campus ambassadors will be maintaining their own drive folder where they will be updating the progress. After completion the ambassadors will be arranged in three tiers-
- Tier 1: Minimum points 50 & Minimum 5 delegates registered
Incentives: Certificate, Recognition Letter, 10% delegate fee waiver, Gifts from sponsors
- Tier 2: Minimum points 150 & 10 delegates registered
Incentives: Certificate, Recognition Letter, 25% delegate fee waiver, Gifts from sponsors, DIMUN Tshirt
- Tier 3: Minimum 300 points & 25 delegates registered
Incentives: Certificate, Recognition Letter, 35% delegate fee waiver, Gifts from sponsors, DIMUN Tshirt, DIMUN Goodies
The top three ambassadors to be given direct entry into the OC of DIMUN 2020/any collaborating mun & sponsored goodies. The top ambassador to be given a full fee waiver and a cash prize of INR 5000

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