Social Mixer

Delhi International Model United Nations presents to you Social Mixer, the perfect opportunity to acquaint yourself with delegates before the committees commence. The Delhi International Model United Nations spirit is as much about building bonds as it is about debating, and this process begins right at Social Mixer! Prepare yourself for a wonderful experience to put you in the mood for some serious deliberation the next morning! Before a serious bout of diplomacy and tactful deliberation, minds need to be put at ease and drain into a blissful experience to lose yourself in the city that never sleeps. Pursue your tingling inclinations and blend in at the absorbing soiree at Social Mixer.

Panel Discussion

Indeed, a testament to any public speaker's mettle is swathes of followers that are swayed by the speaker's arguments. This disillusions the mandate of the people on an array of issues as well. It, therefore, requires the speaker's conviction towards the path they have set out on. To manifest such a relationship in the making, Delhi International Model United Nations this year, has incorporated the MUN debate, paying homage to the popular theme of debate. Here, the attendees will have the pleasure of experiencing the clashes of principles and.

Motion for Entertainment

After the first day of committee, unwind at a special social event curated by the Delhi International Model United Nations organizing committee. A chance to rediscover the spirit of Delhi in a whole new way is just the way to conclude the first day of the conference. This will be a great place for cultural exchange and an incredibly novel concept never seen at an Indian MUN before. The Motion for Entertainment, outside of committee!


A glittering night that promises to be an exquisite experience, the Delhi International Model United Nations Social event that everyone looks forward to, is going to be quite an exclusive affair this year. Stay prepared for surprises coming your way. The venue shall be revealed to you soon!