DELHI INTERNATIONAL MUN 2018 will be a 3 day Model United Nations conference which will take place at the glorious capital of INDIA – Delhi. DELHI INTERNATIONAL MUN is one of the biggest celebrations of the power of expression which is bestowed upon every person and which is punctuated by the youthful exuberance which more than 500 delegates at DIMUN are expected to come with.

Since its inception, it took dedicated planning, research and hard work to make the very first edition of DELHI INTERNATIONAL MUN LIVE IN 2016. 

The conference will offer delegates the chance to debate pressing global issues; challenge them to take on new perspectives; and build strong networks; enabling them to become the world leaders of tomorrow. The conference aspires to bring together the very best from across the globe. There lies an opportunity of interacting with hundreds of highly motivated students from diverse backgrounds for the 3-day summit along with its alluring features. With this ideology in mind, we sincerely invite you all to this unique educational and culturally stimulating conference, promising to provide an unparalleled substantive and socio-cultural experience.

Besides providing a platform for diplomacy, a crossroads for eloquence and an epicenter for world solutions; unlike its contemporaries, DELHI INTERNATIONAL MUN is a celebration of the vivacious city's culture and the very essence of life in this metropolis.