What is the first thing that comes to our mind when we think of delhi?
It may be the Metro, the hustle bustle around amazing monuments, a never ending chase for more by masses or the crowd. But only a true Delhiite knows what is delhi symbolic of and what lies to it beyond these cliched definitions.

Delhi comprises of the fusion of cultures, the chilling winters, calm morning walks in the most beautiful gardens across the city, the night life at hauz khas, the shopping sprees at sarojini, lajpat and janpath. Not only does delhi contain in itself the most specfacular monuments from various centuries but also the newest entrants in architecture too. From the young to the aging, from economically backed to the unstable ones, everybody in delhi has a vision and knows how to get what they want. What grabs the attention in the first look is the thick population but what is often missed out is the utmost unity and integrity with which everybody lives.

With all the road signs and specially named roads, nobody can get lost in delhi, infact the names are quite fascinating and definitely an eye candy for the good observers. Although roads is what you think might be the most preferred mode of transport but a true delhiite never prefers road over The Metro. For daily commuters the metro network comes as a boon. The coverage by the metro train is truly amazing, leaving behind not even a single corner of the city untouched. People may have a hard time finding the seats but it wont stop them from using it.

Coming to hang-outs and literary circles, delhi is known for its entertainment culture. With around more than 50 interest groups functioning in various parts of the city, one can always indulge into the form of art they most deem compatible with themselves. Considering the delhi is famour for The Delhi University crowd too, there are hundreds of super attractive indie and classy restaurants that will cater to the taste buds of every person. Its true that cafes and restaurants are common these days but so as to taste the real essence of delhi, there is no better place than hanging out with youf loved ones and friends to any hidden fort in the city and chat for hours in the vicinity of thousands of trees.

Not to forget the food. Delhi is known for its multiple cuisines. From cholr bhature at north campus to dosa in Ina, from alloo papdi chaat in chawri bazar to shakes at keventers, from pastas at big chill to pastries in lajpat nagar, if in delhi you will never leave hungry whenever you step out to search for food.


Delhi International Model United Nations

August, 2016